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Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Picture Condition Description
       ANDO AQ6330 Reconditioned 

 ANDO AQ6330

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

  • Analyzes wavelength, level and SMR of up to 100 channels
  • Capable of monitoring each WDM channel
  • High wavelength accuracy, to within +/-0.05nm
  • Internal wavelength calibration
  • High level accuracy, +/-0.3dB
  • Low polarization dependency
  • Built-in printer and large color display
  • Interfaces: 3.5" FDD, GPIB, PVMCIA, RS-232C, keyboard, mouse, VGA and printer ports
  • Weighs 18 lbs.

      JDSU COSA-4055 Reconditioned 


Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module

  • For TBerd-2000 & TBerd-4000 Platforms
  • 1260 to 1625 nm wavelength range
  • Verify metro access network performance
  • Maintain and troubleshoot CWDM networks
  • Conduct spectral and drift testing on CWDM sources
                Terahertz FTE-8100 NEW

Terahertz FTE-8100C

Optical Spectrum/Channel Analyzer

  • Analyzes up to 96 channels
  • 50 or 100 GHz
  • IEC61300-3-35 Auto Pass/Fail Video Inspection
  • Pass/Fail thresholds
  • Fast "Real Time" measurements
  • Bar Graph and Table Displays
  • Auto Test Zooms in on Active Channels
  • Rugged case with Impact resistant boot
  • User setup screen
  • 4" Touch Color Display
  • Stores 1000 Tests
  • USB/PC port


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