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Fiber OTDR


Picture Condition Description
        Deviser AE1001 NEW

Deviser AE1001-APC

Handheld OTDR

  • Ultra-Portable, Lightweight OTDR for FTTx
  • 4.3" Color LCD Touchscreen
  • Fast Dual-Wavelength Tests
  • Excellent stability & repeatability
  • Operates continually for over 4 hours
  • Save over 160k Traces with 16GB of Data Storage

Includes: Battery, Charger, Carry Case, Stylus, Calibration Certificate, PC Management Software, Quick Guide and Manual

      Deviser AE2200 NEW

Deviser AE2200 Series

FTTx Multi-Function Meter

  • OTDR perfect for FTTx, RFoG and RF PON
  • FiberPath and Autotests
  • Includes OPM, Light Source and VFL
  • Call for available options
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty

Includes: Battery, Charger, Cleaning Swab, Carry Case, Stylus, Cal. Cert., PC Mgmt. Software, Quick Guide and Manual

 Deviser AE3100 NEW

Deviser AE3100 Series

Handheld OTDR

  • OTDR for FTTx and RFoG
  • 7" Color Touchscreen
  • Intelligent Analysis of Events
  • "FiberPass" Analysis
  • Options: VFL, PM, OLS and Optical Fiber Microscope
  • Data ports support: LAN, USB, SD & More.

Includes: Charger, Cleaning Swab, Carry Case, Stylus, Cal. Cert., Quick Guide, PC Management Software and Manual

    EXFO FTB-1 Reconditioned

EXFO FTB-1 w/FTB-720-12CD-23B

Handheld SM/MM OTDR with iOLM

  • Modular system for fast and powerful FTTx
  • Platform with Power meter and VFL options
  • 850/1300/1310/1550/1625nm
  • 27/26/36/34/34dB

Includes: Case and Charger

          EXFO FTB-200 Reconditioned

EXFO FTB-200 w/FTB-7200D

Compact Platform OTDR

  • Designed for Metro Access & FTTx Networks
  • Accommodates two modules
  • with Single Mode Premise Network Module
  • 1310/1550 nm, 39/38 dB

Includes: FTB Software, AC Adapter, Power Cord, Carry Case, Battery, USB Cable, Stylus, Quick Guide and Manual

    EXFO Maxtester NEW

EXFO Max-730C-SM2-EA-EIU-91


  • Port 1: 1310/1550nm, 39/38 dB
  • Port 2: Filtered 1625nm, 39 dB
  • Connectors: SC/APC

Includes: Carry Case, Cal Cert., Quick Ref Guide, AC Adapter, Power Cord, Battery and Hand Strap

                JDSU T-Berd 2000 Reconditioned

JDSU T-Berd 2000 w/E4126LA

Handheld OTDR

  • 5" Touchscreen Display
  • Field installable modules
  • 1310/1550nm, 33/31dB
  • PON Optimized
  • Integrated VFL and Optical Power Meter

Includes: Case, Strap, Stylus, Battery, AC Charger and Manual

         JDSU T-Berd 6000 NEW SURPLUS

JDSU T-Berd 6000 w/E8146SRL

OTDR w/Short Range LAN QUAD OTDR Module

  • Compact, lightweight & highly integrated platform
  • High contrast color display
  • Can generate Proof of Perfomance reports
  • 850, 1300, 1310, 1550 nm; 24/24/40/38 dB
  • Optimized for 10 GigE
  • FTTx Ready and CWDM/DWDM Ready

Includes: Soft case, Battery, Charger and Manual

    JDSU T-Berd 8000          Reconditioned

JDSU T-Berd 8000 w/E8126DR

Full Featured Platform with OTDR Module

  • High speed PowerPC processor w/100 GB hard disk
  • High visibility touch-screen display
  • Medium Range High Resolution 1310/1550nm module
  • 37/35 dB - Short Dead Zone
  • Automatic functions for maximum user flexibility

Includes: Case, Battery, Charger and Manul

                Jonard OTDR-1000 NEW

Jonard OTDR-1000

Multi-Function OTDR

  • 8 Different functions for testing and evaluating fiber optic and network cables
  • Bright 3.5" color LCD screen
  • Rubberized plastic case for maximum durability
  • 600 MB internal storage standard memory
  • MicroSD/TF card slot for additional memory
  • Includes FC and ST/SC (UPC) adapters
  • Built-in Li-Ion Battery
     Shineway MTP-50 NEW

Shineway MTP-50 Series

Handheld OTDR

  • 5" Capacitive touchscreen
  • Simultaneous OTDR, OPM & VFL functions
  • 1310/1550nm, 24/22 dB or 26/28 dB (B-model)
  • Pass/Fail assessment and ORL test function
  • Can store 200,000 test records
Shineway MTP-200 NEW

Shineway MTP-200-CWDM Series


  • Up to 18 CWDM wavelengths
  • Up to 36 dB Dynamic Range
  • 7" Touchscreen
  • Auto/Manual test and analysis
  • Multi-wavelenth testing
  • Fault locating/fiber length/Loss/Return Loss measurement.
  • Connector/splice/splitter/macro bend/fiber-end detection
  • Includes MTP Suite PC Software
Shineway MTP-200 NEW

Shineway MTP-200-DWDM Series

DWDM OTDR with Tunable Laser

  • 96 C-band wavelengths
  • Up to 38 dB Dynamic Range
  • 7" Touchscreen
  • Auto/Manual test and analysis
  • Multi-wavelength testing
  • Fault locating/fiber length/Loss/Return Loss measurement
  • Connector/splice/splitter/macro bend/fiber-end detection
  • Includes MTP Suite PC Software
             Shineway palmOTDR NEW

Shineway palmOTDR Series

High-Performance Handheld OTDR

  • SM: 1310/1490/1550, 1625/1650nm (with filter)
  • Up to 50 dB Dynamic Range
  • MM: 850/1300nm, 21/24 dB Dynamic Range
  • Optional: Laser Source, Power Meter and VFL
  • Splitter and fiber-end identifiable
  • Can store 1000 test records
  • Includes PC Software for batch data processing
                 Teraherts FTE-7000A NEW

Terahertz FTE-7000A-DWDM

C-Band DWDM Tunable OTDR

  • 89 C-Band Wavelengths
  • Tunable Laser Source
  • Touch screen, keypad or tablet control
  • Fib-R-View Auto Pass/Fail/Centering Fiber Inspector
  • Fib-R-Map Comprehensive Event Analysis
  • 35 dB Dynamic Range
  • Up to 240km Test Range (SM)
  • Report Generating Software included
  • Made in USA

See Data Sheet for List of Options and Accessories

           TeraHerz FTE-7100 Series NEW

Terahertz FTE-7100-CWDM Series


  • Up to 10 CWDM Wavelengths
  • 1 Meter Dead Zone
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth operation Android Devices
  • Fib-R-Map Event Analyzer
  • Macro Bend and Bidirectional Analysis
  • Full Auto and Expert Modes
  • Up to 260km Test Range (SM)
  • Live Fiber Detection
  • Made in USA

See Data Sheet for List of Options and Accessories

       Trend Networks OTDR II NEW

Trend Networks OTDR II

Tier-2 QUAD OTDR with iOLM Feature

  • 850/1300/1310/1550nm, 27/29/36/35dB
  • Test Range up to 260km (SM) & 40km (MM)
  • 7" Color Outdoor Enhanced Touchscreen
  • CW & Fiber Identifier Light Source
  • Built-in WiFi/Bluetooth for easy file sharing
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Optimized for Point-to-Point testing
  • Suitable for testing through 1x32 splitters

See Data Sheet for list of Options and Accessories

       Trend Networks FiberMaster NEW

Trend Networks FiberMaster Series

Mini-OTDR Series

  • Singlemode, Multimode, QUAD & PON models
  • Touch screen
  • SC connections and Fiber Inspection port
  • Store 40,000 traces for analysis & reports
  • Made in USA

See Data Sheet for List of Options and Accessories

         Viavi SmartOTDR NEW

Viavi SmartOTDR Series

Handheld OTDR

  • Single-/Dual-/Tri-wavelength versions
  • 1310/1550nm & in-service 1625 or 1650nm
  • Options: VFL, Power meter & P5000i microscope
  • 5" high-visibility touchscreen
  • Integrated CW light source
  • PON optimized to test through splitter
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
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