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Electrical Power (AC/DC) Testers

Picture Condition Description
 Armada Pro12 NEW

 Armada Tech Pro12

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

  • Check wires for voltage through insulation
  • Senses Active 12 - 220V Power
  • Pushbutton Power and Hi / Low Range Select
  • Headlight for poorly lit areas

Requires (2) AA Batteries

     Armada Pro30  NEW

 Armada Tech Pro30

Digital Multimeter

  • Measures DC Voltage
  • Measures AC Voltage
  • Measures DC Current
  • Measures Resistance
  • Measures Diode
     Armada Pro40 NEW

Armada Tech Pro40

True RMS Digital Multimeter

  • Aut Ranging Volts-Ohms-Amps Meter
  • True RMS Accuracy
  • Measures up to 600V, 10 Amps and 60 Megohms
  • Measures capacitance, frequency, Duty Cycle and Diode function
  • Neasures Diode function
  • Large Backlighted LCD Display
  • Integrated LED Flashlight
Armada Pro90 NEW

Armada Tech Pro90

Automatic Multimter & Clamp-on Amp Meter

  • Auto measurement of Amps, Volts and Resistance
  • Auto AC or DC Sensing
  • Auto Decimal Placement
  • Auto Backlighting
  • Auto Power Down
     Armada Pro95i NEW

Armada Tech Pro95i

True RMS Milliamp Clamp Multimeter

  • Measures AC Line Current in Milliamps
  • Measures AC or DC Voltage, AC Current and Resistance
  • True RMS
  • Auto-Ranging Measurement
  • Backlit Digital Screen


True RMS Multimeter / Clamp Meter

  • AC/DC Voltage Measurements
  • AC/DC Current Measurements
  • Resistance and Diode Measurements
  • Conductance Detection
  • Capacitance Measurements
  • Frequency and Temperature Measurements
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