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RF Leakage Equipment

Picture Condition Description
                CPAT DRV3Lite DSG1Lite NEW

C.P.A.T. DRV3/DSG1 Lite

Portable Digital Leakage Detector / Signal Generator

  • Fix and Find leaakage meter and signal generator
  • Dual-mode leakage detection
  • System test detects 2 DSG1 carriers generated from headend unit
  • Pressure test detects 2 DSG1 Lite carriers generated from portable unit
  • Real-time RF level display of duaal frequencies in split screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Includes: Case, Battery Pack, Charger, Rubber Antenna and Manual

             CPAT DRV3



Digital Leakage Detector

  • High performance find and fix leakage meter for "All Digital" systems
  • Fully agile from 118-140 MHz (Mid-band) and from 572-960 MHz (LTE-band)
  • No MER/BER imparement to adjacent QAM carriers
  • Locates leakage in overbuild cable plants
  • Based on CPAT FLEX leakage monitoring system technology

Includes: AC adapter, USB connect cable, DC power supply, Battery pack, (2) Rubber antennas (Mid-band, LTE-band) Dock station w/Flex mount and Manual

            Comsonics Shadow


Comsonics Sniffer Shadow

Installer RF Leakage Detector

  • Configurable Frequency Selection
  • One-Button Ease of Use
  • Light Weight under 7 oz
  • Exclusive LVI Technology

Includes: Case, Charger and Manual

         Comsonics Sniffer Sleuth



Comsonics Sniffer Sleuth

Agile RF Leakage Detector

    • Model 002 (120 - 150 MHz)
    • Detects more than 500ft away!
    • Geo-Sniffer compatible
    • Full Function LCD Display

Includes Mobile Mount & Harness and manual

Trilithic CT-2 Reconditioned

Trilithic CT-2

Headend Channel Tagger

  • Provides solution to False Alarms
  • Isolates Leaks in Over-Built Systems
  • Selectable 3 Hz & 20 Hz Tag

Includes: AC Power Cord

Trilithic Seeker GPS Reconditioned

Trilithic Seeker GPS

Leakage Management System

  • Automatic Leakage Recording
  • High performance GPS based
  • Ideal for Drive-outs
  • Very cost effective
  • Upload via internet or WiFi

Includes: Detector, Rubber duck antenna, mobile mount, MCA with WiFi option, GPS receiver, GPS antenna and Manual

XFTP SeekerLite2 Reconditioned

Trilithic XFTP SeekerLite2

Installer RF Leakage Detector

  • Numerical Measurement Display
  • Sensitive, Stable Measurements
  • Directional Antenna helps locate leaks
  • Up to 10 frequency presets
  • Channel tag compatibility
  • GT noise discrimination

Includes: Case with holder, Charger and Manual

XFTP Searcher Plus GT  Reconditioned


Trilithic Super Plus

RF LeakageReceiver

  • Ideal for CLI "Proof of Performance"
  • Hyper-sensitive crystal tuned detector (customer must specify frequency)
  • For system using "tagged" carriers
  • Provides enhanced false alarm resistance

Includes: Battery, Rubber Duck Antenna, Charger and Manual

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