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Wireless Signal Analyzers

Picture Condition Description
 BVS YellowJacket BANG Surplus

             BVS YellowJacket B/A/N/G

         Handheld 802.11B/A/N/G Wi-Fi Analyzer

  • Measure 2.4 GHz for DSS and ODFM WLANs within IEEE 802.11b/n/g standard
  • Measure 5 GHz for OFDM WLANs within IEEE 802.11a standard
  • 802.11 packet Demodulation for Channel Freq. Response & Antenna Alignment
  • Complex AP/STA list analysis incl. Multipath, Absolute Channel and SSID
  • Full Spectrum Analysis incl. Power Triggers, Waveform Traces & Spectrum Sweep
  • Measure RSSI in true dBm with calibrated receiver
  • Multipath and RSSI; narrow band and total channel power
  • MAC Security Authorization Lists/Detection/Alarms
  • WEP and WPA encription detection
  • Internal GPS receiver forr real-time geo-coding of all measurements
  • Optional 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Directional antennas - Included
  • Optional RJ-45 Ethernet Port for networked PC communication - Included
  • Optional "SWARM" mapping/validation coverage analysis software - Included

Includes: 2.4GHz & 5 GHz Omni-directional antennas, GPS antenna, External Battery Pack, Battery Pack Connection Cable, iPAC Charger, iPAC Download Cable, Yellojacket Charger and Manual

 Trilithic 802AWE NEW

             Trilithic 802AWE

         Advanced Wireless Test Set

  • Wi-Fi Frequency Band Survey
  • Wi-Fi Channel usage
  • Zigbee Survey
  • Bluetooth Survey
  • Client Device Survey
  • Clent Device Finder
  • Ping, Trace Route & Throughput Measurements

Inclues: Case with Belt Clip, Shoulder Strap, AC Adapter/Charger, USB Charge & Data Cable, USB Flash Drive Adapter and Manual

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