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Wiring Test & Certification

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 Armada Pro220K NEW


Armada Pro 220K

Tone & Probe Kit

  • Generator
    • Visual "Tone On" Indicator
    • 9V Battery - 100 Hrs operation
    • Test Leads w/Crocodile Clips and RJ-11 Plug
    • Waterproof hevy duty design
  • Probe
    • Visual "On" Indicator
    • 5 Sensitivity Settings
    • High Gain 46dB
    • Headset Socket

Includes: Case

Hobbes E-400 NEW

Hobbes E-400 NETest-E

Wire Fault Detector

  • For TIA658A/568B, Token Ring, 10 Base-T and 10/100 Base-T Twisted Pair cables.
  • Pair fault display by 2 color LED
  • Main & Remote units to test installed cable
  • Pin to pin wire mapping for RJ45, Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat7 cable

Hobbes E-450 NEW

Hobbes E-450 SOHOtest-E

Home & Office Wire Fault Detector

  • For network, phone, cable TV and home security system cables
  • Pass/Fail coaxial test
  • Remote unit for 1 person testing
  • Pin to pin wire mapping for RJ45, Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat7 cable
Hobbes E-551 NEW

Hobbes E-551 LANtest-E

LAN Mapper

  • Maps wiring configurations for 10/100/1000 Base-T, BNC and RJ45/RJ11 cables
  • Pin to pin wire mapping fro RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat7 cables
  • Dual speed testing

Hobbes E650 NEW

Hobbes E-650 GIGAtest-E

UTP / STP Cable Fault & Stability Tester

  • Verify compatibilty of network cabling
  • Identify cabling or Cross-over faults
  • Determine suitibility for cabling for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks
  • Pin to pin wire mappingfor RJ45, Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat7 cables
 ViewTeq VTCT-1 NEW

ViewTeq VTCT-1

Pocket Cable Toner

  • Detects cable continuity with loud tone
  • Short circuit LED indicator
  • Shirt Pocket Clip
  • Uses (1) AAA battery
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